Have you heard of a soft wash? Wondering what the above term is about? Everyone understands what a pressure washer is, however the concept of a different sort of power washing is brand-new to many individuals. Before you decide to purchase or rent your own pressure washer, or work with a professional company to do it, you should understand what your options are. At Coweta Pressure Washing we are committed to safeguarding the quality and integrity of your house.

  • Pressure Wash – Relies on high pressure and water to get rid of substances
  • Soft Wash – Relies on water, detergents, and cleaning up agents to eliminate the root of the problem and clean it away

Both types of washes have their roles in cleaning up a residential or commercial property. Keep checking out to discover more!


What Is Pressure Washing?

This image might be what comes to mind when you think about a pressure washer. You can purchase these at your local hardware shop or online for reasonably low-cost (like this one), or spend a great quantity on a much heavier responsibility alternative (like this). As mentioned above, these rely on a small stream of water at a high adequate pressure to blast away any dirt, mold, mildew, algae. These will normally have a disclaimer on them to NOT use any sort of cleaners due to the fact that it can ruin the device. The PSI can vary from 1,000-4,000 depending on the size and quality.

Wood – Soft surface areas like wood can start to chip or program grooves from the water spray. Have a look at the pictures listed below.
Siding – Siding can be harmful for a number of reasons. The pressure can break down siding, particularly if it is older and starting to break down on its own. The water can likewise get under and bring up pieces of siding, or damage windows and screens.
Roofs – Pressure washers ought to never be used on an asphalt roofing. You have most likely observed something as easy as a strong wind can pull up loose shingles on your roof. Applying a stream of water with a PSI can and will do the same thing. In addition, pressure cleaning will break down the asphalt by eliminating the granules, and for that reason reducing the efficiency of the shingles. While excessive moss will hurt your roof gradually, so will trying to remove it with a pressure washer.

When Pressure Cleaning Is Appropriate

Pressure washing isn’t all bad however. There is a time and place- specifically difficult surfaces that can’t be damaged. Concrete and brick pavers are the ideal place to use a lot of pressure. Do not simply delve into utilizing your common pressure washer, however. By doing a few inches at a time, picture how much time it would require to do a driveway. And if you don’t use the exact same quantity of pressure and work in straight lines, you will probably end up with streaks. Finally, you will wish to prevent the mortar or sand in between the stones/pavers/bricks. A direct stream won’t hurt the concrete, but it can definitely remove the soft grout in between.

So What Is A Soft Wash?

A soft wash does not utilize pressure. In fact, you could put your hand in front of the stream of water and it would not harm. Whereas a pressure washer has a common PSI of 2,500, a soft wash is under 500. The mix of cleaning agents and cleaning representatives are applied to the surface area and enabled to soak for approximately 20 minutes. Throughout this time, all of the unwanted substances are eliminated down to the spores. Routine pressure washers will get rid of the stuff you can see, however the spores will still exist and the moss can quickly regrow. A soft wash guarantees a cleaner surface for longer as it eliminates the reproductive organ of the plant. Lastly, the service is rinsed and everything unclean comes with it.

The Conclusion

While a pressure washer has its benefits, overall a soft wash is the much safer, more efficient solution. Working with a professional Newnan power washing company with all of the right devices will offer you comfort, along with conserve you money and time throughout the years. Besides being dedicated to looking after your home in the very best possible method, here are some additional reasons we might be the right company for you.

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