Influenza season is still in full swing, with a more severe pollen/allergy season just around the corner. If you’re residing in Georgia, you can expect everything to be covered in a cloud of fine yellow dust. Those with allergies may still be feeling the effects of ragweed fever, with the peak being the first two weeks of January. This impacts the outdoors noticeably, but what about indoors? Apartments, office buildings, high foot-traffic locations, and more are considerably affected by allergy season.

Looking for commercial pressure washing in Newnan Ga? You should call a professional pressure washing company to assist you in reducing the signs of pollen by keeping your outdoor surface areas clean. Allergies affect us because of their capability to be airborne. Pollen spores can remain suspended in the air for hours, waiting to be taken in. The pollen count that you might read every early morning is determined based on the number of spores suspended in the air. Power cleaning is an environmentally safe way to rid the community of pollen.


Living Spaces

When there is pollen outside, there is pollen inside. That means houses, townhouses, retirement homes, schools, daycares, and hotels. The indoor air can be just as contaminated as the air outdoors. Some studies have even shown that indoor air can be more polluted with pollen than outdoors. If you’re a facility or building supervisor, one of the best things you can do to prevent indoor pollen contamination is to have the exterior of your structure and the surrounding locations (walkways, car park, and so on) power washed.

Power washing the exterior of your structure minimizes the quantity of pollen directly outdoors. It decreases the amount of air pollution coming in through doors, windows, cracks, and when people open these areas. Pollen season is the best time to show your tenants how much you care about them; take this opportunity to increase your curb appeal and your occupants’ joy (while reducing their allergic reaction signs).

Power cleaning your business structure during pollen season increases your curb appeal and helps decrease future stains. Pollen left for too long on a building can stain cloth, plastic, caulk, and more yellow. Rain isn’t strong enough to rid pollen’s color from your structure, but power cleaning can clean your awnings, windows, doors, walls, sideways, parking lots, flags, banners, poles, facades, etc. Use preventative upkeep to secure your building this pollen season.


Parks & Playgrounds

With stunning Georgia weather, it’s good to spend time outdoors. Parks, playgrounds, hiking routes, downtown, and more are perfect weekend spots. But once these areas are covered in a yellow pollen haze, going outside can appear cumbersome. Even without allergic reactions, no one wants to hang around with yellow dust that can get all over them and be an inconvenience. We can remove all the pollen on playgrounds, parks, hiking trails, downtown sidewalks, and buildings.

Around 6 million kids and twenty million adults have allergies to pollen in the United States. Pressure washing is an eco-friendly way to clean and protect neighborhoods. With influenza, cedar fever, and more pollen coming our way, it’s time to take preventative measures. Companies can rely on a local pressure washing company to rid their business of unwanted pollen.



Pollen season is anticipated to worsen this year based on last year’s pollen count and this year’s pollen predictor. Power washing does not just rid your business structure of pollen, and it saves your clients, tenants, employees, or even yourself from allergies. Pollen season is the best time to have your industrial business professionally pressure washed because you get to fill two needs with one job! Your business increases its curb appeal, and you reduce the signs of allergic reaction season. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, give us a call or visit our website for your free estimate.

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